d&b audiotechnik Launches NoizCalc Far-Field Immission Modeling Software (Video Added)

Designed to model sound propagation of coherently emitting complex sources from multiple stages appliy the results onto a 3D terrain map

At Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt last week, d&b audiotechnik introduced NoizCalc far-field noise immission modeling software. (Note that a just-released new video on NoizCalc is available below.)

In recent years the prediction and control of far field noise immission from live open air events has become a serious topic. Gaining permission and licensing to stage such productions often requires an official statement, predicting how the noise will impact on surrounding areas.

NoizCalc is designed to model the sound propagation of coherently emitting complex sources such as line arrays and subwoofer arrays from multiple stages in the regions outside of the audience listening area and appliy the results onto a 3D terrain map.

The PC-based software predicts the calculated far-field impact of a d&b loudspeaker setup in the open air, by applying the ISO 9613-2 and Nord 2000 standards. Using meteorological and geographical data, NoizCalc details the environmental propagation and relative attenuation values towards the far field at a defined spectrum and level reference.

NoizCalc is the result of the collaborative efforts of d&b audiotechnik and noise consulting and software development experts SoundPLAN GmbH. SoundPLANnoise applies an extended range of accredited worldwide standards along comprehensive reporting tools to satisfy the need for an official noise immission statement. The next version the software is able to import d&b system setups from ArrayCalc.

Both NoizCalc and SoundPLANnoise import d&b ArrayCalc simulation software project files, including complex data describing the relationships between sources and their combined performance, allowing loudspeaker systems to be virtually situated and oriented within 3D terrain models for realistic prediction.

Werner “Vier” Bayer, d&b product manager, states, “Our collaboration with SoundPLAN comes at a time when noise immission is becoming a major consideration in the planning of outdoor events. This free d&b software will enable system designers to investigate how their setup will impact on the wider area by modelling immission patterns ahead of time.

“NoizCalc forms the basis for a common understanding between those who create emissions: the loudspeaker system designers and technicians and the environmental noise and immission specialists, who consider the impact on the wider ecology.“

NoizCalc will be available to download at



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