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Danley Sound Labs Adds To The Experience At Lakeside Surf In Washington

AV integrator FOCUS Partners deploys OS80 outdoor loudspeakers as well as OS115 outdoor subwoofers to deliver sound reinforcement at venue operating the world's largest stationary wave.

Lakeside Surf, a new surf facility located next to Slidewaters Waterpark in north-central Washington state that operates the world’s largest stationary wave, is outfitted with a sound reinforcement system utilizing Danley Sound Labs outdoor loudspeakers and supporting components.

The AV integrator on the project was West Richland, WA-based FOCUS Partners, who’s CEO/founder, Dave Dartnall, explains, “While we serve a lot of churches’ audio and visual needs, we also frequently work with indoor and outdoor arenas and expansive event complexes. Lakeside Surf was our first outdoor theme park that included water-oriented sports and activities as well as a broad variety of multi-use zones throughout the complex.”

For Phase I of the project, FOCUS selected Danley OS80 outdoor loudspeakers as well as OS115 outdoor subwoofers driven by a Danley DNA 10K4 Pro amplifier with DSP. A temporary structure was built for mounting the loudspeakers until Phase 2 construction was completed.

“We chose Danley because they provided the best sound quality, pattern control, and power for expansion,” says Dartnall. “This set up provides simplicity for possible upgrades overtime to more powerful Danley loudspeakers for future venue development.”

He adds that the largest wave doesn’t come without its own set of difficulties from an acoustical perspective: “The pool’s 12 generators move an enormous amount of water and they are not silent. So, above the gentle roar of those generators, people are surprised how well this one set of full-range speakers work. They are consistently impressed by how well music and speaking can be heard and how pleasant and even the sound is even at great distances.”

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