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Danley Loudspeakers Deliver Concert Sound With Fidelity At East West Church

Pro Audio Solutions Director of Contracting Scott Oliver notes that his firm's overall design goals for East West Church were not unlike those for recording studios

East West Church in Marietta, Georgia recently moved its dynamic, contemporary worship services to a family life center, with Nashville-based Pro Audio Solutions contracted to put together a high-end sound reinforcement system worthy of the church’s technically-polished and inspired services.

Pro Audio Solutions Director of Contracting Scott Oliver notes that his firm’s overall design goals for East West Church were not unlike those for recording studios, and he has found that Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subs backed up by Danley amps and DSPs meet those goals gracefully.

“I like working with Danley because the people over there are truly passionate about what they do,” Oliver said. “They live it, and it’s obvious in the performance of their products.”

Oliver chose to place two Danley SH-50s on each side of the room for a combined 100 by 50-degree dispersion pattern that covers most of the seats on the main floor with distinct left-right imaging.

A single Danley SH-95 hanging below each of those clusters provides stereophonic front fill. For the balcony, Oliver again relied on a left-right pair of Danley SH-95s. He then “goosed” the system with a pair of Danley TH-115 subwoofers, one each on the floor below the main clusters.

Danley DSLA amplifiers power the system, and a pair of Danley DSLP48 digital loudspeaker management systems provide sonically pure processing on the front-end.

“The system still would have sounded great if I had gone with other manufacturers’ amps and processing, but I’ve found that when I use Danley from top to bottom, everything is perfectly matched,” said Oliver. “It sounds that much better.” Because the Danley cabinets are so efficient and don’t require bi or even tri-amping, Oliver was able to keep the amplifier and processing expenses to a minimum.

At the front of house position, Oliver provided East West Church with a Tascam DM4800 digital mixing console. In addition, Ashly 4.24GS Digital Graphic EQs along with an Ashly 4.24RD Remote Control were installed to provide eight channels of equalization for the floor monitors. Noted Oliver, “Ashly products are very well-made, easy to use, and sound great.”

The front platform is populated with Heil large-diaphragm dynamic microphones. All vocalists sing into Heil PR22s and all guitars convey to the larger system through Heil PR30s. A PR22 covers the saxophone.

“The Heil microphones are one of a kind,” he said. “The large diaphragm imparts a ‘studio condenser’ feel to the sound, but they are rugged enough to endure punishment for years and years, week after week.  Their clarity is over the top and complements the honesty of the Danley system nicely.”

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