Coming Up: Compact Loudspeaker System Demo In Conjunction With WFX In Dallas

The Live Sound International Compact Loudspeaker Demo at the upcoming WFX Conference and Expo in Dallas provides you with the opportunity to directly listen to, evaluate, and compare more than a dozen compact loudspeaker systems.

The first two iterations of the demo have drawn a total of more than 1,500 church sound and production personnel from around North America.

The demo presents a unique controlled environment demonstration designed to provide side-by-side listening opportunities for you to evaluate compact loudspeaker systems from around the industry, in addition to getting further technical details and pricing information from qualified representatives of each company participating in the demo.

Industry leading loudspeaker manufacturers participating this year include Renkus-Heinz, L-Acoustics, Adamson Systems, Martin Audio, Danley Sound Labs, D.A.S. Audio, Bose Professional, EAW, Alcons Audio, Electro-Voice, PreSonus, Line 6, and Elipsis Audio.

The demo will be held October 2 and 3. The site is an expansive exhibit hall in the Dallas Convention Center, adjacent to the WFX show, where each day, three 1-hour demo sessions will be held.

During each session, all systems will be played, using identical tracks. Listeners will move from system to system, evaluating what they hear and also observing each system’s scale, components and other important details.


Each participating compact loudspeaker company will also be offering a dedicated 15-minute exclusive demo session for interested attendees on both days of the event.

Demo sessions are open to all attendees of WFX as well as other groups and individuals interested in audio and loudspeaker systems.

In addition, an “A-list” of technology sponsors are also involved with the demo, including Yamaha (consoles), Shure (wireless microphone systems), Link (digital signal transport), Mega (lighting), and Dicolor (LED displays).

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on what’s available in the world of compact loudspeaker systems in this comprehensive event!

Go here to register (FREE) for WFX.

Demo Participants

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Technology Sponsors

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