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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 63: The Wonderful World Of Plugins (And More)

The co-hosts examine a variety of plugins, including dynamic EQ, tube emulation and more in a re-visit of one of the most popular episodes to date.

With co-hosts James Attaway and Samantha Potter constantly traveling at present, zipping and zooming all over the globe, we’ve decided to dig into our archives for a rerun of one of the most popular episodes. (And it so happens to be the first episode James makes an appearance!) They’ll be back soon with fresh episodes, but in the meantime, enjoy the discussion as the two examine various plugins, including dynamic EQ and tube emulation. The Church Sound Podcast is sponsored by K-array and DiGiCo, and now, Primacostic as well. Welcome aboard!

Co-host Samantha Potter is also co-lead instructor with Church Sound University — a training program tailored specifically for worship audio techs that’s now also available online. Reach her via LinkedIn, on IG @potteraudio, or contact her via email here email.

Co-host James Attaway is the author of the Live Mixing Field Guide, a quick-start guide to EQ, compression and effects. Find more from James on the Attaway Audio YouTube Channel and at Reach him on IG @attawayaudio or contact him via email here.

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