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Church Sound University Training Now Available Online

Popular in-person training program focusing on the essentials of worship audio now available to everyone online.

ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International have launched a new online version of the popular Church Sound University (CSU) in-person training program that focuses on the essentials of worship audio. Go here to check out all sessions.

CSU’s faculty, who are actual long-time worship audio practitioners in addition to serving as educators, have developed a video training curriculum that’s specifically tailored to address the key essentials for church tech teams – volunteers in particular – to attain consistent sonic quality at every worship service and event.

CSU provides 101 Level education, with specific chapters focusing on Church Sound Essentials, Mixing Basics, Microphones & Loudspeakers and RF & Wireless, along with bonus sessions on Audio Networking, Streaming and Stagecraft. Users can choose to take the entire course or choose to purchase individual modules for their specific learning needs. View all courses here.

The CSU workbook (included with the class) will allow attendees to keep their new knowledge close at hand during their next worship services.

Lead instructors include:

Mike Sokol, long known for his dynamic, effective worship tech education, most notably as the long-time instructor of the HOW-TO seminars held at hundreds of churches throughout the U.S.

Samantha Potter, an active worship tech educator noted for a highly relevant and practical curriculum. She also serves as a sound design consultant and IT media supervisor for the houses of worship market.

Karl Winkler, who brings more than 25 years of experience in working with wireless systems and RF issues. He’s currently a vice president at Lectrosonics, a leading developer of wireless systems and technology based in New Mexico.

Church Sound University training is sponsored by Allen & Heath and Lectrosonics.

Go here to find out more about CSU and to access CSU training online.

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