Chauvet Helps Give the Hollywood Improv an LED Makeover

As part of a complete renovation, more than 40 LED Chauvet fixtures replaced the outdated, conventional lighting system at the Hollywood Improv.

To give the 2,200-square-foot venue a new look, Rutherford Designs installed new audio equipment, electric video screens and an efficient LED lighting system.

Richard Rutherford, vice president of Rutherford Designs, specified the installation of 26 CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro RGBA and 10 CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro VW wash lights, 3 CHAUVET DJ COLORband PiX pixel-mapping fixtures and 4 CHAUVET Professional COLORado 1 VW Tour wash lights.

“There is a quintessential look to Improv establishments,” Rutherford said. “We wanted to achieve that appearance and required fixtures with variable color-mixing capability, barn door compatibility and stellar on-camera performance. CHAUVET DJ and CHAUVET Professional fixtures provide a high level of confidence and predictability — they always meet our expectations.”

To light the main stage and the audience, Rutherford selected 18 SlimPAR Pro RGBA wash lights based on the fixture’s color-mixing capabilities, saturated output and ability to achieve flesh tones and pastels for on-camera performances. 

Four SlimPAR Pro VW wash lights, two on either side of the stage, provide cue lights and front lighting. Additionally, four SlimPAR Pro RGBA and four COLORado 1 VW Tour wash lights, which replaced Fresnel and ellipsoidal fixtures, function as house lights.

The Lab, a small room in the back where anyone with a good joke can practice their delivery live on stage, features three COLORband PiX and two SlimPAR Pro RGBA fixtures for background and key lighting. For front lighting, Rutherford specified four SlimPAR Pro RGBA and SlimPAR Pro VW wash lights.

“We used SlimPAR wash lights because we needed fixtures capable of achieving certain color temperatures since Lab performances are videotaped and photographed,” Rutherford said. “The linear COLORband PiX fixtures also provide the space with texture, color and animation —all from a single fixture. We got exactly what we needed.”


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