beyerdynamic M(y)88 Program Fosters Creation Of Custom Microphones

beyerdynamic has introduced a way for performers to create and design a custom microphone, with the company’s M 88 serving as the base design palette to transform it into a unique M(y) 88.

Via the company’s special website,, visitors can now explore an array of materials and realms to create, preview and order their own M(y)88.

“Guitar players have custom options, drummers have custom painted shells, but until now vocalists and performers have been neglected.” says Paul Froula, beyerdynamic’s National Business Manager. “We decided it was time to allow these creative, passionate people to show their colors in their instrument, something that transcends the voice with an element of personal style”..”

At users can compose their personal microphone designs from a selection of materials, colors, and designs that are presented in four design worlds. Once the creation is decided and the transaction is complete the manufacturing process begins.

Each custom microphone is hand crafted according to the user’s design specification at the company’s manufacturing center in Heilbronn, Germany. When complete and tested the creation is delivered in a priority transport directly to the user.

“A musician puts their heart and soul into their performance,” said Juliane Eckstein, beyerdynamic’s Manager of Product Design. “So in our understanding, a microphone should not be just in the pool of technical equipment. It needs to be as vivid and dynamic as its user, and in this way, it should reflect a personality”.

beyerdynamic website

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