BASSMAXX Shakes The Treehouse In South Beach

BASSMAXX has found a home in Treehouse…the immensely popular South Beach techno venue where low end and a high intensity crowd are married in a euphoria of music and dance.

BASSMAXX provided and installed six self-powered double 18-inch subwoofers and four self-powered double 12-inch bass horn cabinets, complete with on-site system tuning and optimization, into the subsequently crowned Miami NewTimes “Best Small Music Venue – 2012”.

“These days, DJs’ demands on equipment are consistently surpassing the status quo of just a few years ago…low-end demands are the greatest, and often the weakest point in a sound system,” said Gregory Selph, Treehouse operating partner and a 23-year veteran of the nightclub industry.

“Customers had been emailing and blogging about our amazing DJ lineups and constantly failing sound systems. We chose BASSMAXX after blowing up every other viable option on the market.

“Our sound tech labor invoices, let alone the parts, were sucking us dry. BASSMAXX is directly the opposite. BASSMAXX makes low end effortless…waterproof, drink-proof, DJ-proof, self powered, self cooling, self monitoring, self limiting, and just bass crushing. Wheel it in, plug it in, ready to begin.”

Treehouse now utilizes BASSMAXX on two dance floors:
• Main Room: A Sub-Mergence system consisting of 4 x SS218-A self-powered double 18-inch subwoofers, and 2 x X2C-A self-powered bass horns.
• Room Two: A Sub-Mergence system consisting of 2 x SS218-A self-powered double 18-inch subwoofers, and 2 x X2C-A self-powered bass horns.

Open for approximately a year-and-a-half and gaining the reputation as Miami’s premier techno venue, Treehouse combines 7,000-square-feet of indoor and outdoor entertainment space.

Treehouse is known as the underground DJ venue, specializing in European techno bookings weekly.

“David brought a couple of pieces of his Ultra Music Festival sound system in for an impromptu demo after load-out from the festival,” Selph explained. “His demo was impressive to say the least.

“Everything attached to the walls [was] shaking and falling down [and] his equipment wasn’t even working hard…and it had just taken beating after beating at Ultra in the Miami heat and salty humidity.

“Our team kept talking about the demo for two months as we weighed and tested all other sound companies’ proposals. Each proposal led us back to BASSMAXX’s effortless demo that had impressed us so.”

Added David Lee, president of BASSMAXX, “We stopped by Treehouse on our way out of town, rolled in four of the SS218s, plugged them in to extension cords and split the signal off the mixer with a Y adapter. The effect on the walls and décor was pretty interesting, so say the least.

“I could tell they had never had bass like that in the room before and I think it worried them at first. I assured them that we could fairly well contain the bass indoors by using placement and delays to target the nulls at the doorways but they would probably have to glue and screw down everything on the walls.

“We also discussed the Sub-Mergence technology that adds massive dynamic impact to the deep bass of the SS218s, which is the direction they decided to take.”

Selph explained that besides the impressive demo, one of the deciding factors in choosing BASSMAXX for Treehouse was BASSMAXX president David Lee’s accessibility and approachability. He said that he’s had clubs with the most well known names in sound but never once knew the people behind the product personally, let alone been able to have conversations relating to his venues’ sound.

“With David, it was the complete opposite,” continued Selph. “He’s available and interested and genuinely concerned and wants as much as we do for his product to be the best it can be and leave a lasting positive impression.

“His install was well beyond what we anticipated. He spent three days in the sweltering heat here in Miami with no AC, solving problems we never knew we had and leaving us with a no stress, virtually self-maintained product.

“My nights used to be a series of flip outs and stress overloads running around the club fixing sound issues…checking levels, making sure connections or drivers or amps had not broken or overheated.

“Now I can focus on the business and sales and customers. The system he left us with no longer requires my attention, at all. I turn it on at open and turn it off at close, and listen to all of the praise in between. Never have we had this situation here. It’s been put to the test by a number of big DJs lately and continues to just crush. I smile now every time I walk through the room.”

“In my next life, I’d like sole rights to be the exclusive BASSMAXX rep for the southeast,” Selph concluded. “This company and this product are bad ass and BASSMAXX has huge potential for growth. Miami continues to grow as an electronic music leader and when other venues find out about this product it will make my club competition just that much more relentless.”

Lee continued, “Working with Greg and the folks at Treehouse has been a real pleasure because they truly appreciate the sound quality and recognize the value of what we do to make their lives easier and help ensure their club brings audiences back again and again.

“Treehouse books great talent and the job of the sound system is to make sure everyone, including the owner, the promoter, the headliner, and all their fans, thoroughly enjoys the musical experience and wants to come right back for more.”


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