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Aviom PRO64 Network Manager Version 3.0 Now Available For Download

Free software update to support new C4dio digital I/O card for the AllFrame

Aviom Pro64 Network Manager version 3.0 is now available for download from the company website.

Version 3.0 has been released in conjunction with the Aviom’s newest product, the C4dio digital I/O card for the AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O system, in order to support new features made available to the Pro64 Series product line.

The C4dio digital I/O card is a 4 x 4 AES3 I/O card with BNC Word Clock Out, In, and In with Termination options. Six C4dio digital I/O cards installed in an F6 Modular I/O Frame allows the AllFrame to be configured as a 24×24 AES3 digital audio interface.

When at least one C4dio Digital I/O Card is installed, the AllFrame can support external clocks. To support this new hardware, the Pro64 Network Manager version 3.0 is necessary.

Version 3.0 also supports Standby Mode with AllFrame devices in a Pro64 network. Standby powers down the F6 backplane while maintaining power to the networking engine, allowing the device to be serviced, cards to be changed, or service panel doors to be closed without interrupting network operation.

Standby can be activated directly from Network Manager, from the front panel of the F6, or via a contact closure switch connected via Euroblock on the F6.

Pro64 Network Manager is a free download from


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