Audio Impressions Releases Virtual Instrument DVZ Strings Sample Library V2.0

Audio Impressions has released its patented virtual instrument technology and high-definition 70-piece DVZ Strings 2.0 sample library

Further, the company will be demonstrating this new release version using a $50,000 FAR XM-Range digitally controlled active monitor system at the upcoming 2009 NAMM show in Anaheim, Room #7801.

DVZ Strings 2.0 helps produce real-world balance of live musicians in real time without loading or unloading different samples.

It is organized into sections that translate directly to fully accurate MIDI mock-ups as well as immediately playable scores with correct parts that don’t need exhaustive manual correction and annotation for articulations.

Enhancements in the latest version include re-mastered Strings; microtonal scaling for world music, key-switching options, 3 Decca Tree room mic selections, individual stereo outputs for each string section.

Yet another enhancement is AudioPort – a high-quality digital audio over LAN process which links PC to Mac, eliminating the need for costly sound cards. Future releases already in production include DVZ Winds, Brass, Jazz Band, Guitars, Keyboards, and Pipe Organ, as well as Percussion and Drum Kit suites.

DVZ Strings Version 2.0 will retail for $2.499 (U.S. MSRP).

For more information:
Audio Impressions Website

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