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ATK Audiotek To Join Clair Global

Companies have reached a definitive agreement for the sale of ATK to Clair Global in a deal that is expected to close in mid-November.
Left to right: Michael MacDonald (ATK Audiotek president), Shaun Clair (Clair Global Business Development), Troy Clair (Clair Global CEO), Mikael Stewart (ATK Audiotek partner), and Scott Harmala (ATK Audiotek senior partner).

Clair Global CEO Troy Clair and ATK Audiotek president Michael MacDonald jointly announced that their companies have reached a definitive agreement for the sale of ATK to Clair Global in a deal that is expected to close in mid-November.

“Everyone in the industry has worked with the ATK team for years to support our clients on major broadcast events,” states Troy Clair. “ATK developed the enviable position of being in the driver’s seat at huge events that span entertainment awards, sports, and political events, and developed techniques to ensure that the sound provided to a live audience is flawless, while maintaining the integrity of audio for broadcast. Everyone at Clair is excited to have the opportunity to work with ATK.”

Scott Harmala, a senior partner at ATK, adds, “I started during the founding of ATK in 1983, and I never dreamed we would work with the incredible clients that we have on our roster today. With this announcement, ATK will be in a position to support clients nationally and globally with the best technology and staff in the world. It is truly an exciting time for ATK.”

Clair Global continues to expand in both size and technology development. More than 50 years old, it is crossing the threshold to the third generation in the Clair family with brothers Shaun and Matt integral to the management of the company and positioned to lead it forward.

“From a business perspective, ATK was looking to develop a long-term, sustainable path for their employees and clients,” says Mikael Stewart, a partner in ATK who leads the production team. “We could not be more pleased to work with a company like Clair Global that has both a market-leading position, as well as a long-term plan to advance the company into the future.” Stewart went on to say, “People in our industry tend to focus on the gear, but people are really the defining asset in our business, and we want to make sure the ATK team has the best home now and into the future. We are confident that Clair Global is that home.”

“We are eager to expand further into the broadcast field, but there is so much more that both companies can learn from each other,” says Shaun Clair, who leads business development at Clair Global. “When we started to look at ATK, we found that both companies had many operational and technical approaches that aligned well, but what was surprising to both teams were the unique developments that each company had to offer and how we could all benefit. The word ‘synergy’ is often over applied, but in this case it really works.”

There are no major changes planned for the continued operation of ATK. The management team of MacDonald, Harmala, and Stewart will stay in place, as well as the staff, company name, and location. ATK will continue to focus on the broadcast market going forward, but the new configuration will provide for more geographic reach. ATK’s systems integration team will be aligned with Clair Global Integration, which further extends the services footprint the combined companies can offer.

MacDonald concludes, “We are honored to join Clair Global and become a part of the Clair legacy.”

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