ARX Releases New MIXXMaker Multi-Format Bluetooth/USB/Analog Mixer

ARX Systems has announced the release of MIXXMaker, a multi-format, Bluetooth, USB and analog audio mixer.

Specifically, the 1 RU MIXXMaker is outfitted with Bluetooth, USB and MiniJack inputs, as well as two mic/line inputs, two stereo line inputs, and left/right (or zone 1 and 2) master level contols. An auxiliary mono output with its own level control is also included.

The Bluetooth receiver, USB connector and the MiniJack inputs all have their own individual level controls. Each microphone channel has a balanced low-noise mic input, plus individual gain and level controls. The mic input can also be switched to be a Line input as required. Switchable phantom power is also available on both mic inputs.

Stereo line inputs 3/4 and 5/6 each have rear panel input trim controls, as well as front panel output level controls, and their inputs are RCA-type connectors. Additionally there are left and right master controls, and a mono L+R aux output with its own level control. The left and right master output XLR connectors can also be switched to mono if required, via a rear panel switch.

The rear panel also has a connector for a push-to-talk jack, and a priority override ducker switch for channel 1. Pressing this switch ducks the level of the other channels by 20 dB when channel 1 is used.

The front panel has LED indicators for Bluetooth, USB active, priority override enabled, phantom power enabled, outputs switched to mono, and AC power. MIXXMaker is available in 100- to 120-volt AC or 220- to 240-volt AC modesl, and AC power is connected to the unit via a standard 3-pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.

“The MIXXMaker is the solution wherever users of audio systems need to connect the sometimes bewildering variety of audio protocols and connectors quickly, easily and faultlessly,” states Colin Park, managing director of ARX. “Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and other Bluetooth, USB and mini-jack enabled devices have rapidly become the program source of convenience for corporate AV presentations, seminars, musicians, DJs, entertainment venues, gyms, system demonstrations and testing, and many other pro audio playback applications.”



ARX Systems

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