Altinex Debuts SP3502SC Interconnect Plate For PNP400 & TBL100 Series Systems

Altinex has announced the availability of the SP3502SC, a new interconnect plate for the company’s PNP400 (Pop ‘N Plug) and TBL100 (Table Buddy) Series interconnect systems.

The SP3502 SC provides a combination of audio, video, network access, and power/charging facilities to enable business and education professionals to quickly and conveniently connect their laptops, tablets, and other devices into a boardroom or classroom in order to make the necessary connections for the sharing of materials or to make presentations.

Offering a black finish designed to blend aesthetically into most environments, the new plat offers the following connectors:

• 2 US AC receptacles 95~120V/5A, 9.5ft (2.90m)
• 1 VGA computer video (15-pin HD F/M), 6ft (1.83m)
• 1 computer/MP3 Audio (3.5mm F/M ), 6ft (1.83m)
• 1 digital video (HDMI F/M), 6ft (1.83m)
• 2 network (CAT6 RJ45 F/M), 6ft (1.83m)
• 2 USB (Type A F/M), 6ft (1.83m)

The SP3502SC is six slots wide and provides convenient access to cable ends or fixed connectors. All connectors are passive, so the panel provides safe AC power for users to power laptops, projectors, or other presentation equipment.

The new plate is pre-configured for the Altinex PNP408 (black) and PNP408S (brushed aluminum) Pop ‘N Plug interconnect boxes as well as the TBL108 Table Buddy interconnect box. The PNP408/PNP408S boxes are designed for installation into a conference room table, while the TBL108 Table Buddy connects to edge of a table or desk and can be either a temporary or permanent attachment.

For those in search of a more customizable interconnect solution, the Altinex SP1100SC Empty Standard Configuration Plate for the PNP400/TBL100 series interconnect systems is also available.

The plate is pre-configured with two US AC receptacles 95~120V/5A, 9.5 feet (2.90 meters). The remainder of the plate can be populated with a wealth of connector choices via the SP1100SC’s product page on the Altinex website. Customized PNP400 and TBL100 products are identified as PNP408C or TBL108C.

“By offering both VGA and HDMI inputs that accommodate both new and not so new laptop computers, the SP3502SC provides the perfect combination of connectivity options for today’s business professional or educator,” Grant Cossey, Altinex vice president of sales. “Add to this audio capability, network access, and both charging USB and conventional AC receptacles for powering one’s various devices, and the result is a comprehensive set of power and connectivity options that will integrate well into a wide range of environments.

“And by integrating this plate into both our PNP and TBL series interconnect systems, we have a ready to go connectivity solution for just about any project.”

MSRP for the Altinex SP3502SC Interconnect Plate is $195 while the SP1100SC Empty Standard Configuration Plate is $237. MSRP for the PNP and TBL interconnect systems is as follows:

• PNP408: $1,050
• PNP408S: $1,050
• TBL108: $445


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