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Allen & Heath MixPad App Deployed For Personal Mixing At Baptist Church In Florida

The MixPad app allowed each band member to have full control over what they were hearing in their ears

In early 2011, Allen & Heath launched the MixPad app, which allows for deep control of the iLive series digital mixers over Wifi. First Baptist Church of Altamonte Springs, Florida has integrated yet another technical use for the iPad: personal monitor mixing.

With the help of Byron Connerly (vice president) and Gil Parente (designer/integrator) of Entertainment Arts, based in Orlando, the church purchased an Allen and Heath iLive T-112 digital mixing console as well as wireless in-ear monitor systems for the entire band.

“The iLive-T series has a ton of great options when it comes to personal mixing,” explains Parente. “There are option cards that allow integration into various ‘Big Brand’ personal mixing systems. But we knew that the church was willing to go the extra lengths to have the full benefits, and flexibility, that the iLive series has to offer.”

All band members have their own dedicated stereo auxiliary output from the iLive MixRack. “The iLive gives us the flexibility to choose, (out of 32 buses on the iLive system), what type of outputs we would want. But now that we have the wireless freedom, how do we solve the personal mixing part?” says John Williams (media director for F.B.C.A.S).

When Allen & Heath released the iLive Mixpad app earlier this year, the church purchased iPads for each band member. The MixPad app allowed each band member to have full control over what they were hearing in their ears, which allowed their front of house engineer to focus on the main mix.

“The MixPad app is incredible! We couldn’t be more pleased with the flexibility the app allows,” notes Williams. “We have full access to every channel on our console, and graphic equalizer on our personal auxiliary channel. This option far exceeds the limits of any 8, or 16 channel personal mixing systems. With the “Custom Layer” feature that the app offers, you don’t have to worry about your band messing with the main mix, or anyone else’s mix for that matter.”

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