Alcons Audio Introduces New LR24 Line Array To U.S. Touring Market Following 2020 NAMM

Host of mix engineers demo system comprised of eight units per side at American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood.
Left to right; Phil Garfinkel, Erik Rogers, Brad Madix, Greg Price, Robert Scovill, Gordon Reddy, Gary Stokes, David Rahn of Alcons, David Morgan, and Tom Back of Alcons onsite at Post 43 in Hollywood.

Following the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Alcons Audio officially introduced its new LR24 mid-size line array to the U.S. touring market at Post 43, the Hollywood base of the American Legion, inviting an array of noted mix engineers to “test drive” the system.

Two years ago, a renovation of Post 43 transformed it into a 500-seat movie theater and live venue with an Alcons pro-ribbon sound system. According to Levi Joos, proprietor of installer Stay On Screen, it transformed Post 43 into “one of the best-sounding rooms in town.”

The two-day event centered on a demo system comprising eight units per side, joined by six BC543 cardioid subwoofers, powered and controlled by Sentinel racks with three Alcons Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers in each.

“I tried a mix with tracks by an artist I’ve mixed probably 125 shows with, and the first thing that happened was I pulled everything off the vocal,” says Brad Madix (Rush, Florence & the Machine). “You do not need to be jacking around, pulling out frequencies in the top end, which really says a lot about the high end component of the system. It’s really special. Get out there and hear it.”

Robert Scovill (Rush, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) brought live multitrack recordings he’d made with Patti Labelle. “This event was my first exposure to the Alcons PA system concept, while actually sitting behind a console,” he says. “What a positively beautiful sounding system. A totally engaging experience and result.”

Fresh from winning the 2020 Parnelli Award for FoH Mixer Of The Year, David Morgan (Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor) was also on hand. “I confess I ‘crashed’ this event but, if Brad Madix, Greg Price and Robert Scovill were all going to be in one room, I wanted to be there!” he says. “The afternoon ended up being a treat in all respects. The HF pro-ribbons are exceptional devices. The texture, sense of depth and the stereo imaging in that theater was truly remarkable.”

“I think it’s great that there are people willing to continue to innovate and create what I think might be the next generation of systems, really focusing on very specific engineering issues that we have been facing for at least 40 years. The lack of distortion in the PA system is absolutely stunning.” says Greg Price (Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne).

“Greg is more into the harder side of rock so, for him, the system should not only sound great, but also have the balls to push through and bring extra power to the low-mids. He insisted playing the Rammstein song Engel through the LR24, which includes whistling as well as the band’s usual intense heavy metal,” says Alcons Audio co-founder Tom Back.

“Alcons pro-ribbon systems deliver the necessary clarity and delicacy at low SPLs, but they also have the ‘balls’ to deliver high SPLs, while still maintaining the fidelity to make every detail audible,” he adds.

Additional comments:

“Wow, did it deliver. Critically listening with several more colleagues we all came to the same conclusion that this system is a game-changer. The physical coverage of the system was seamless and the intelligibility was nothing short of amazing. Regardless of level, the system never lost its clarity. It’s great to know that someone is actually listening and developing technology to help audiences hear more clearly.” – Erik Rogers (Godsmack, Hunter Hayes, Avenged Sevenfold)

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“I think this system has one of the most impressive high ends of any system I’ve worked on. It’s truly one of a kind. It helps you get ‘there’ in no time.” – Dani Munoz, (Kali Uchis, Lykke Li, Ricardo Arjona)

“Ever since I learned how much more enjoyable and easier it is to mix any style of music on low distortion systems, it has been my pursuit to find better ones. The pro ribbon is a game changer.” – Gord Reddy (Alison Krauss)

“Alcons pro-ribbon speakers are my audio quality benchmark for live sound. They are the ‘cure for the common compression driver’; a source of much non-linearity and distortion that we in the pro audio business have grown far too complacent about tolerating. As a mix engineer you don’t even realize how much harder compression drivers make it to get the results you want until you mix on the Alcons devices.” – Gary Stokes (kd lang, Queen/Adam Lambert)

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