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The new Snowbird Restaurant & Lounge in Frisco, TX is equipped with a system utilizing 1 SOUND Cannon coaxial loudspeakers and more.

1 SOUND Fits The Bill At New Snowbird Restaurant & Lounge In Texas

Bespoke Technology Group outfits 4,100-square-foot Dallas-area venue with system incorporating Cannon coaxial loudspeakers as well as SUB12 reflex subwoofers.

The new Snowbird Restaurant & Lounge, a 4,100-square-foot space that includes dining and lounge seating as well as a 35-foot-long bar in Frisco, TX, is equipped with a sound system headed by 1 SOUND loudspeakers in a design and installation by Dallas-based Bespoke Technology Group.

The venue, which has DJ booths both upstairs and downstairs, required a system fit for dinner ambiance as well as for private events and all-day brunch events. Bespoke responded with an approach utilizing Cannon C6i coaxial loudspeakers utilizing C-Clamp accessories for mounting and aiming to handle the main bar/lounge space and the upper level, joined by SUB12 reflex subwoofers.

Meanwhile, a private VIP room in the back is served by four Cannon C5i coaxials. Subwoofers in this space were deemed unnecessary because the loudspeakers offer an extra octave of low end. Finally, the outdoor patio region is covered by six Cannon C4 coaxials that, as with all other 1 SOUND loudspeakers, are IP55 rated to withstand outdoor usage. All loudspeakers are driven by Powersoft amplifiers.

Go here to check out a virtual walkthrough of the Snowbird Restaurant & Lounge.

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