To What End?

By Karl Winkler March 3, 2016

I’ll start by saying that “elitism” is something that I’m as guilty of as many working in pro audio. While blind A/B/X testing is a… Read More

Solving Acoustical Microphone Interference

By Tim Vear February 26, 2016

An important consideration in microphone use is acoustic interference, which can occur whenever delayed versions of the same sound are mixed together, acoustically or electrically. Read More

Want To Develop Golden Ears?

By Mauro J. Caputi February 25, 2016

Can you recognize the difference between a major chord, a minor chord, or a 7th chord? Can you identify a song’s chord progression without seeing… Read More

Coffee Beans & Mic Techniques

By James Cadwallader February 23, 2016

So I’m standing in the kitchenette at Imperative Studios, my hair still wet from the shower taken in the ladies’ bathroom, when in comes one… Read More