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Sennheiser & Audinate Offering Guide About Virtual Meetings And Distance Learning

Available for download free of charge, guide focuses on both the technical prerequisites as well the "human factor.”

Sennheiser and Audinate have issued a new guide focusing on practices for meetings and learning in a world with Covid-19, and it’s available for download, free of charge, here.

The guide takes a look at the situation for companies and education institutions around the globe and explores the possibilities that blended learning and remote conferencing offer for bonding with fellow students or business partners and customers in times of social distancing. It discusses both the technical prerequisites as well the “human factor,” explaining what is required to dispel feelings of separation and loss of connection.

“COVID-19 has seismically impacted people’s personal, professional and academic lives,” says Ron Holtdjik, director, business communication at Sennheiser. “Sennheiser’s touchless, Dante-enabled audio solutions such as the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone can bring teams and classrooms together emotionally despite social distancing, bridging the gap between on-site and remote while meeting both operational and hygienic needs.”

Again, go here to download the free guide.


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