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Samsystems UK Appoints RBI Music As U.S. Distributor For Integral Close Cab Miking System

Texas-based firm handling package that includes special frame for mounting mics with instrument amps in both live and studio applications.
Integral's circular constructed rigid frame.

Samsystems UK has announced the appointment of Texas-based RBI Music as the U.S. distributor for its Integral Close Cab Miking System designed for both live and studio environments.

Available in 10- or 12-inch formats, the Integral package includes a circular-constructed rigid frame that mounts internally between instrument (guitar, bass) cabinets, with a supercardioid dynamic microphone with full-range frequency response (tested at extreme volumes) housed within the central “pepper pot” that’s strategically aimed off-center of the speaker coil. The design is intended to deliver balanced, accurate analog output from the speaker via an XLR connector to the mixing desk and onward to monitors or house PA.

“We look forward to working closely with RBI Music in the USA, to put Integral firmly on the entire North American map,” says Samsystems technical director Richard Smith. “Our relationship has successfully evolved following Summer NAMM 2019, where Integral has since been successfully road tested on the live circuit within the many clubs and bars in and around Nashville’s downtown Broadway scene.”

RBI product manager/artist relations Rick Taylor adds, “The Integral close cab miking system represents the future of sound reinforcement for guitarists performing live and in the studio. Integral offers a level of convenience, consistency and noise isolation previously unattainable with traditional miking techniques. The design looks beautiful as well. RBI Music is honored to add Integral to our growing list of brands.”

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