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Ringgold Baptist Church Selects WorxAudio TrueLineX3i-P Line Array For Audio Upgrade

Painted white to match the room's décor, the WorxAudio TrueLineX3i-P is a compact, "all-in-one" line array system incorporating three modules

With a rich history that dates back to 1876, Ringgold Baptist Church recently decided to overhaul the sound reinforcement system in its sanctuary, an effort spearheaded by Danville, VA-based Big Sound Productions, which selected a WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine X3i-P line array to head the new system.

Chuck Eskey, Owner of Big Sound Productions, a design/build firm that caters primarily to the church audiovisual installation market, discussed the challenges this project presented.

“The sanctuary at Ringgold Baptist Church is approximately 80 feet long by 45 feet wide, with a sheet rock ceiling at a height of 21 feet,” notes Eskey. “The space provides fixed pew seating for approximately 300 people and worship services are fairly traditional in nature-with music provided by choral, piano, or organ performances. The stage/altar area faces into the length of the room.”

“Speech intelligibility and the ability to accurately reproduce music were key considerations in the selection of the upgraded audio system,” continued Eskey. “Of equal importance, a clear line of sight to the stage from any seat in the sanctuary-free from visual obstructions caused by loudspeaker enclosures-was deemed essential. For this reason, I determined that a centrally-positioned line array system made the best choice for this space.”

Painted white to match the room’s décor, the WorxAudio TrueLineX3i-P is a compact, “all-in-one” line array system incorporating three modules, each with a medium format, 1-inch exit compression driver that is paired with dual 8-inch cone transducers.

The system utilizes a total of three high frequency drivers and six bass drivers-all housed in a low-profile enclosure. The upper two modules of theX3i-P provide 10-degree vertical dispersion while the lower module delivers a 25-degree vertical pattern. Combined, the three modules create a 36-degree vertical system with an unusually broad horizontal dispersion of 160 degrees.

The system is self-powered by WorxAudio’s PMD-1.5 digital power amplifier that delivers 1,000 watts to the low frequencies and 500 watts to the highs.

To create a visually clean and uncluttered appearance, Eskey deployed WorxAudio’s unique TrueAim Grid rigging hardware. The TrueAim Grid incorporates a proprietary means of leveling the line array and suspends the entire system with a single industry-standard schedule 40 pipe through which all wiring passes, creating a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance-free from the distractions of visible cable.

“We flew theX3i-P at a height of 20 feet at the front center edge of the stage,” says Eskey. “The TrueAim Grid creates the impression that the system is floating in air. It’s a remarkably clean looking setup.”

Eskey commented on theX3i-P’s performance attributes, “TheX3i-P turned out to be ideal for this sanctuary. The system has the throw to cover the entire room and its broad 160-degree horizontal dispersion could not be better for this space. No matter where you sit, sound quality is consistent, speech intelligibility is clear and natural, and the music reproduction characteristics of the system are very musical.

“With the front row of the congregation positioned approximately six feet from the edge of the stage, I was initially concerned about the volume up close. As it turns out, the level is well balanced from front to rear-without blasting those seated in the front rows.”

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Eskey and his crew also installed a single TrueLine X1i-P line array module behind the X3i-P cluster that faces the congregation. Angled down at the stage/altar area, this element serves as a downfill monitor-enabling those on stage to hear clearly during services.

“Like the X3i-P,” Eskey explained, “the X1i-P provides broad horizontal dispersion, so a single element covers the entire stage area. Both loudspeaker systems are white, so they blend seamlessly into the décor of the room.”

Ringgold Baptist Church’s new TrueLine X3i-P line array system was installed during the latter half of February and was first placed into service on Sunday, March 1st to the delight of Ringgold Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Steve Ellis.

“The new loudspeaker system represents a dramatic departure from what we previously had,” notes Ellis. “The system really is amazing. No matter where one sits, the sound quality is very natural. Speech is clear and music sounds wonderful through the system. Chuck and his crew not only selected the ideal loudspeaker setup for our sanctuary, he installed it in such a way that it delivers the full potential of the system. Our entire congregation has responded very positively to the new equipment.”

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