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The new C6 and C8 ceiling loudspeakers from Pure Resonance Audio.

Pure Resonance Audio Introduces New C6 & C8 Commercial Ceiling Loudspeakers

Both 6.5-inch and 8-inch models offer a flush-mount design, removable magnetic grilles and front-access 70-volt /100-volt multi-tap transformer switches with 8-ohm bypass.

Pure Resonance Audio has announced the release of two new 70-volt ceiling loudspeakers — the C6 and C8 — both designed for educational and business applications to background music, sound masking and paging.

The two-way C6 and C8 have a compact flush-mount design for blending into ceilings. Both models offer a removable magnetic grille and front-access 70-volt /100-volt multi-tap transformer switch with an 8-ohm bypass. Tile bridges are also available (sold separately) for secure mounting in drop tile ceilings.

The 6.5-inch C6 has a 1-inch high-frequency tweeter joined by a 30-watt/70-volt transformer. Stated sensitivity is 88 dB and frequency response is 130 Hz to 17 kHz.

The 8-inch C8 also has a 1-inch tweeter along with a 60-watt/70-volt transformer with an 8-ohm bypass. Stated sensitivity is 94 dB and frequency response is 55 Hz to 20 kHz.

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