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One of the many spaces in the revitalized Abercrombie in Sydney covered by an expansive AV installation incorporating networked Powersoft amplifiers. (Venue photo by Steven Woodburn)

Powersoft Mezzo A+ At The Heart Of The Reborn Abercrombie In Australia

Revitalized historic hotel in Sydney outfitted with audio driven by more than 30 networked Powersoft amplifiers, including Quattrocanali DSP+ models and the world-first application of the Mezzo A+ platform.

Powersoft’s new AES67-enabled amplifier platforms, including the enhanced A+ versions of its half-size Mezzo range, have made their field application debut in a deployment to deliver audio at the recently re-opened Abercrombie hotel in Sydney, Australia.

The Abercrombie, located in the inner-Sydney suburb of Chippendale, traces its roots back to 1843, when it opened as the Australian Inn. The current art-deco building, on the old Carlton United Brewery site, was completed in 1938 and served as a watering hole and live entertainment venue until its closure in 2014. It was acquired by hospitality group Solotel in 2016 and reopened, following delays due to the pandemic, with a 36-hour launch party in December 2022.

The revitalized Abercrombie comprises three venues, including a ground-floor club space, public bar and beer garden, a late-night cocktail lounge and rooftop terrace Casa Rosa, and Lil Sis, a aperitivo wine bar inspired by the caves à vin of Paris. Production Audio Video Technology (PAVT), the Australian distributor for Powersoft worked with local system integrator BeyondAV on the project, with the property presenting “a very difficult acoustic environment” complicated both by the age of the property (the Abercrombie has been a listed building since 1989) and the presence of new residential buildings around it.

PAVT’s business development manager, Dave Coxon, explains, “Revitalising old buildings always a fun, with unique challenges. A major challenge with the Abercrombie was containing all the sound – patrons, voices and music – as, unlike in days of old, the venue is now surrounded by accommodation. It’s the only freestanding hotel I have ever seen with an apartment complex freestanding over the venue!”

Additionally, he notes, the Abercrombie’s original hotel rooms “remain in the upper two levels, creating many small spaces requiring multiple amp channels.” Amplification is Powersoft throughout, comprizing 16 Mezzo 604 A+ and 13 Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+ amplifiers, all AES67 compatible, as well as two X8s.

The amplifiers are installed in two rack rooms, with all equipment (plus NETGEAR AV switches) fitting into a single rack at each location. Needing a “truly waterproof” loudspeaker for the two large outdoor areas, PAVT specified a combination AtlasIED’s SM82 range with EAW subwoofers (SB120/150 WP), while a Function One EVO X loudspeaker system was installed in the main room.

The A+ models are the latest additions to the Mezzo range, designed to offer the same reliability, build quality and acoustic character of larger Powersoft amplifier platforms but in a half-size form factor. A+ models – comprising Mezzo 322 A+, Mezzo 304 A+, Mezzo 602 A+ and Mezzo 604 A+ – offer the remote control and monitoring functions of the A versions but further extend their networking capabilities with AES67. The A+ range joins the Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+ fixed-install amplifier platforms and the T Series touring amplifier in offering AES67 compatibility.

These models are able to receive audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams compliant with the AES67 standard, which allows high-performance streaming AoIP interoperability across different networking systems. Powersoft A+ and DSP+ models can receive AES67 streams natively by connecting the dedicated AoIP networking port to an AES67 network.

“With this project delayed over two years due to Covid and delivery in the heat of the component shortage, Powersoft’s quick development migrating to AES67 has kept projects going,” Coxon says. “Being the first project to install A+ versions of the amplifier – and with the release of the ArmoníaPlus 2.5 update, which added support for AES67, coming three days before handover – made life fun!” That said, we had no major issues, and the project opened on time – tuned and loud – with a 36-hour opening party.”


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