Optocore Announces SANE-FX Interface Module For Fohhn Linea Focus

Fiber optic connection simplifies installation with respect to security, weight and more in applications utilizing company's beam steering loudspeakers

The Fohhn Audio Linea Focus Series, which offers beam steering capabilities, is now equipped for networking via an Optocore fiber solution.

Specifically, an Optocore SANE-FX module is mounted directly inside the Linea Focus housing, enabling direct fiber connection to the loudspeaker.

The Linea Focus series is often used in combination with the security and evacuation system (PAVA), for instance, in railway stations, airports, tunnels and theatres.

Because the Optocore fiber network is a modern IT-based “copper free” audio infrastructure, it fulfills the demands in these applications, simplifying installation in respect of security, weight and flame-retardant design.

Fohnn CEO Jochen Schwarz states, “For some time now, our ongoing aim has been to achieve multi-channel digital connectivity for our speaker systems and compatibility to any major digital audio network. Within the context of recent projects, which involved integrating our speakers into alarm systems, we were looking for a digital fiber solution that allowed for long distance cabling between our devices as well as fire safety and interference-free transmission of audio signals.

“We finally opted for an Optocore solution: Using a ring-shaped cable configuration to connect all the devices in an Optocore network not only reduces the cabling requirement and its associated costs, it also greatly improves overall reliability. Further, within the network, you get an even latency.”

In terms of security a fiber optic cable is much more difficult to spy on, while in terms of safety for IT control, it offers lossless, long distance connection, with electrical isolation. As for weight, a fiber optic cable is far lighter than traditional 100-volt ELA cables, Cat-5 cables, and traditional copper snakes/multicores.

It is also easier to make a flame retardant fibre cable than a copper one, since copper melts at much lower temperatures. And a similarly-rated fiber optic cable is available for a fraction of the price of copper.

These advantages, together with the competitive pricing of an Optocore module, result in lower installation cost and higher performance — with IP integrated workflow, software routing capabilities, low audio latency and redundancy switch-over that’s faster than the required 1 ms for advanced security designs.

Schwarz concludes, “Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the Optocore extensions for Linea Focus provide excellent audio quality as well as full control of the speaker system and allow for reliable, redundant digital audio networking. We appreciate the cooperation with an innovation-driven company such as Optocore. Thanks to them, our electronically steerable Beam Steering systems can now be integrated into and used within a digital network.”

Fohhn Audio

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