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New York City’s Seawalk Restaurant Outfitted With FBT

Modest Technology creates a multi-sensory experience with synchronized sound and lighting using J5 loudspeakers and CLA208 subwoofers.

New York City’s Seawalk restaurant, set to open this spring, will offer a unique dining experience with seafood and American cuisine.

Thanks to Aldo Ferraira and Stanley Ferrand, co-owners of Modest Technology, guests will also enjoy lighting that is artfully synchronized with the sound system’s new FBT loudspeakers, making a meal there a multi-sensory experience.

“When we were asked to provide a sound system for Seawalk, we faced a challenge,” says Ferraira. “We needed to fill out the dining space with reliable sound, but we also needed to use speakers that were attractive – that matched the designer look of the restaurant. After a lot of research we decided on FBT. Their immersive sound is simply amazing but, equally important, they have a lean designer look that works with the environment of the restaurant.”

Ferraira and Ferrand used 18 J5 white loudspeakers, spaced at eight-foot intervals around the venue, with three CLA208 subwoofers and four Kempton amplifiers.

To more fully solidify diners’ experiences with the music they’re hearing, the partners also installed a custom, synchronized LED light system around the entire circumference of the venue and synchronized them with the music that the FBT speakers are delivering. The lights, all various colors that peek through a board full of custom cut pipes, are mesmerizing; the system is nothing short of an artistic installation.

“Modest Technology is a small group of technie nerds from New York that just love technology,” says Ferrand. “This isn’t just a job for us; we’re really passionate about what we do. Our focus is to provide the best possible services coupled with the best equipment for the smoothest possible experience. Every little detail matters to us; it’s how we differentiate ourselves from the crowd. We’re not in this for a one time job, but to build relationships that last.”

Specializing in everything from smart lighting and multi-zone audio to surveillance and home automation, Modest Technologies provides services in both residential and commercial markets in the tri-state area.

“Our company may have the word modest in its name, but our jobs never are,” says Ferraira. “For the Seawalk project, we’re proud to have given our client more than what they expected. It was really rewarding to combine great sound with a creative visual effect for the restaurant. We like to be creative. It’s something we always try to do with all of our clients and that’s one of the reasons we like FBT so much.

“If you look at their products your first thought is that they’re nice ‘looking’ speakers. In the case of the 18-inch Jollys, you also notice how small they are and expect a smaller sound – until you hear them. Then the sound surprises you. It’s big, clean and serious.”

For those serious about dining out in Manhattan, Seawalk will be a nice surprise too.


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