New Expert Series Article “Dirty AC Power? Where To Lay The Blame For System Noise Problems” Now Available As Free Download

If every highway were smooth as glass, our cars wouldn’t need suspension systems. But it’s simply unrealistic to expect such highways – we pretty much have to accept them as they are. The same is true for the AC power line.

Chapter 3 of 4 in the Radial Expert Series on Power & Conditioning, entitled “Dirty AC Power? Where To Lay The Blame For System Noise Problems” is now available for free download (below).

The idea that “dirty” power causes audio system noise problems has a nearly irresistible intuitive appeal – and there are dozens of companies ready to cash in on this widespread but mistaken belief.

For example, here is a quote from a well-known manufacturer of power conditioning products: “Today’s residential systems contractors face unprecedented challenges where high resolution, trouble-free operation is required. From inducing AC ground loops, video hum bars, static bursts, damage from AC line surges and variable audio and video performance, comprehensive control and conditioning of AC power is no longer an option.“

The Expert Series on Power & Conditioning is presented by Radial Power and features top authors from ProSoundWeb, Live Sound International magazine, and around the industry.

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