LAVOCE Debuts New Woofers, Compression Driver & HF/LF Coaxial Design

Models include the WAN082.02 (8-inch neodymium), WAN143.00 (13.5-inch neodymium) and WAF153.03 (15-inch ferrite) woofers, DN20.300T 2-inch-exit compression driver, and CSF153.00K 15-inch coaxial driver.
The new DN20.300T 2-inch-exit compression driver and CSF153.00K 15-inch coaxial driver from LAVOCE.

LAVOCE ITALIANA has announced the launch of several new drivers, including 8, 13.5 and 15-inch high-output woofers, a 2-inch-exit neodymium compression driver, and a 15-inch common HF/LF ferrite magnet coaxial model.

The WAN082.02 (8-inch neodymium), WAN143.00 (13.5-inch neodymium) and WAF153.03 (15-inch ferrite) woofers have been developed using the company’s proprietary low-frequency Loudspeaker Design Suite, which combines various aspects of design (lumped parameters, electromagnetic, suspension, vibroacoustic and thermal) into one simulation model. They’ve been optimized to exhibit a smooth frequency response and low distortion.

The WAN082.02 has a 2-inch copper voice coil, a 400-watt program power rating, and stated 96.5 dB sensitivity, 5.8 mm Xmax and a frequency range of 80 to 5,000 Hz. Other attributes include a copper ring for extended frequency response and a waterproof treatment on the front side of the cone.

The WAN143.00 offers a 3-inch copper voice coil, a 700-watt program power rating, and stated 100 dB sensitivity, 7.5 mm Xmax as well as a frequency range of 45 to 3,000 Hz. Additional aspects include magnetic shielding due to its neodymium slug magnet design and a waterproof treatment on the front side of the cone.

The WAF153.03 also has a 3-inch copper voice coil, a 1,000-watt program power rating, and stated 100.5 dB sensitivity, 6.7 mm Xmax along with a frequency range of 40 to 3,000 Hz. It also includes an aluminum demodulating ring for reduced distortion and a waterproof treatment on the front side of the cone.

LAVOCE international sales director Kevin Shove says, “We are already known for our robust and well-engineered range of woofers and subwoofers, and these new high-output models give our esteemed OEM manufacturers, distributors and sound system scene partners more inspired solutions for the most demanding of applications.”

Meanwhile, the new DN20.300T 2-inch-exit neodymium compression driver has a 3-inch edge-wound copper-clad aluminum voice coil and uses an optimized throat adaptor that’s been designed to expand the exit to 2 inches with no degradation of performance. It also improved thermal dissipation from motor to horn by increasing the adaptor surface area in direct contact with the driver motor.

The DN20.300T has a 220-watt program power rating, stated 108.5 dB sensitivity, and an 800 Hz crossover point. The voice coil is on a one-piece titanium diaphragm and surround. It also incorporates patented Integral Input Surface phase plug topology designed to provide provides a smooth input surface on the phase plug to eradicate unwanted resonances.

LAVOCE pro audio division manager Pierpaolo DeMinicis states, “We are proud to say that over the last few years, we have added five new high-performance neodymium 1.4 and 2-inch throat compression drivers to our range, made possible because our industry-leading HF modeling and development capability. All models offer exceptional performance characteristics and consistency, as already proven in our successful DN14.300T, which positioned us as a serious player in this category, and for sure the DN20.300T will continue this trend.”

Finally, the new CSF153.00K 15-inch ferrite common HF/LF magnet coaxial driver has a 700-watt program power handling rating and stated 98 dB sensitivity for the LF and a 120-watt program power handling rating and stated 108 dB sensitivity for the HF. The LF woofer uses a 3-inch edge-wound copper voice coil on a glass fiber former, while the polyimide diaphragm and surround employed for the HF uses a 1.75-inch edge-wound copper-clad aluminium voice coil on a Kapton former. This combination offers a stated frequency range of 50 to 20,000 Hz with lower harmonic and intermodulation distortion due to the addition of double demodulating rings.

Shove: “The market for common HF/LF magnet coaxials is still strong for us as our OEM partners find innovative ways to maximize this technology in compact audio solutions. By using our advanced development tools and resources on these unassuming steel basket and ferrite magnet coaxial designs, we have been able to offer a premium performance line-up with very interesting price points, which is always a welcome combination for our customers.”