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John Meyer Joining Meyer Sound Webinar “From Apocalyse Now To Bluehorn” This Friday (May 15)

President/CEO will trace company's development path in the world of cinema, post-production and residential as well as describe key milestones in the science behind several hallmark products.
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Meyer Sound president and CEO John Meyer will be the guest on a webinar slated for this Friday, May 15, a one-hour session titled “From Apocalypse Now to Bluehorn,”

John Meyer will trace the company’s development path in the world of cinema, post-production and residential from the early days to collaborating with Francis Ford Coppola to today’s Bluehorn System. In addition, he will describe key milestones in the science behind some of the company’s hallmark products from the HD-1 to Bluehorn, and will share interesting anecdotes behind his ongoing pursuit of perfect phase response and timing.

The webinar, moderated by Meyer Sound senior technical support and education specialist Merlijn van Veen, is part of the company’s ongoing daily webinar program. It will go live starting at 1800 CET/9 am U.S. PDT this Friday on Zoom.

In addition, Meyer Sound’s education team provides an English-language webinar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1800 CET/9am PDT. For access to these popular sessions, simply click on this Zoom link to join the English sessions at the scheduled times.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Meyer Sound Mexico hosts a Spanish language session at the same time. To join, click on this Spanish-language Zoom link at the scheduled times.

Instructors open the Zoom call, which is free and no registration required, about 15 minutes ahead of the program.

The regular daily sessions are also streamed live on the Meyer Sound Users Community page. Every other Friday the viewers choose the topic from an à la carte menu. Voting is tallied on the Users Community page. Go here for the archive of Meyer Sound webinars.

The company lists upcoming training sessions in the Events Calendar on its Facebook page.

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