Harrison 832c Filter Unit Joins Analog Studio Product Line (Includes Video)

Provides eight channels of high/low pass filters from Harrison's renowned 32c console

The new Harrison 832c Filter Unit, joining the Analog Studio product line, provides eight channels of high/low pass filters from Harrison’s renowned 32c console.

Housed in a 1RU rack-mount package, each channel of the 832c provides independent controls for both the high and low-pass filters, as well as a “bump” button, two sweepable filter knobs, and a 7-segment LED input meter.

When engaged, the bump button creates a resonant boost just above the selected high-pass filter frequency – re-creating the signature low-end of the Harrison 32-series consoles. This feature keeps instruments from sounding thin when you roll off the unwanted low frequency energy. 

Combined with proper execution of the low-pass filter, the bump feature makes the 832c a great tool to fatten kick drums, beef up bass lines, and add body to guitar tracks—all while helping each instrument find its place in the mix.

The audio connections are provided on AES59 (Tascam DB-25) connectors. Combined with other Harrison hardware, setup becomes painless and clutter-free, as the input connector of the 832c matches the output connector of the Lineage mic preamp. When used in tandem, the 832c Filter Unit and the Lineage mic preamp provide a complete Harrison 8-channel input section with preamps, filters, and metering.

The new 832c Filter Unit is now available at Harrison’s online store.




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