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Guitar Center Now Offering BASSBOSS Components

More than 30 stores in major markets stocking BB15 powered subwoofers and SV9 powered loudspeakers; the entire line can now also be ordered via GC locations.
BASSBOSS BB15 subwoofers and SV9 loudspeakers are now available at 33 Guitar Center stores.

BASSBOSS announced that 33 Guitar Center stores are now stocking its BB15 powered subwoofers and SV9 powered loudspeakers.

“This mobile-ready loudspeaker and subwoofer pair is perfect for mobile DJs, performers, and smaller venues,” states Cassandra Brady, VP of marketing at BASSBOSS. “The pairing provides pristine sound quality and intense bass output from a compact and portable system.”

The BB15 subwoofer is outfitted with a 15-inch woofer loaded into a vented enclosure, which is tuned to optimize low-frequency output using a large port. It was designed to minimize materials, cost, and weight while maximizing efficiency.

The SV9 loudspeaker utilizes a 9-inch neodymium low-frequency driver stated to provide large displacement and high sensitivity. It is suited to serve in applications ranging from small event PA to studio reference monitoring.

Brady also notes that the entire BASSBOSS line can now be ordered through Guitar Center locations, offering local support and advice from staff.

“To truly understand the value of BASSBOSS, you must experience it,” says Rob Impala, VP of pro audio at BASSBOSS distributor American Music and Sound. “We could not be more thrilled to begin our partnership with BASSBOSS than at a time when the brand will be featured across the country at Guitar Center stores in major markets — providing customers the opportunity to hear and feel the incredible fidelity, power and efficiency that sets this brand apart from its competitors.”


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