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FaitalPRO Unveils 28 New Loudspeaker Drivers With Ferrite Magnet Structures

Available in every category from low- to mid- to high-frequency units

FaitalPRO has announced the introduction of several new families of loudspeaker drivers with Ferrite magnet structures, encompassing 28 new products in every category from low- to mid- to high-frequency units.

The decision to create the new product lines is tied both to market demands, which sometimes specifically require products with Ferrite magnets, as well as to the goal of expanding the company’s catalog to complete it with units offering a new tonality.

Specifically, numerous clients had already requested Ferrite models to meet challenges regarding acoustics and weight. For example, in some fixed installations, there is the need to keep a subwoofer that vibrates at frequencies around 40 Hz to 50 Hz “on the ground,” and Ferrite loudspeakers have proven more appropriate for this than their Neodymium counterparts.

FaitalPRO also stresses that it is not replacing any of its current neodymium models. In this new endeavor, the Italy-based company’s R&D department took the initial spark from its own Neodymium line, but the basic intention was to generate completely new works with regard to electrical parameters and usage.

“It is not a secret that the cost of Neodymium is currently at a record high, and therefore the market will certainly welcome the new Ferrite loudspeakers. But it surely will not do so just for a matter of cost,” states FaitalPRO overseas sales manager Flavio Naggi. “We are offering our clients an alternative based on new, soft and refined acoustic tonalities: the current product range will remain and the new families with a ferrite heart will join them to complete a now very extensive catalog.”

The specifics of the new loudspeaker models with Ferrite will be released soon, he adds.


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