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DTS Partners With Pantech To Deliver High-Quality Audio To Smartphone

Partnership enables mobile phone manufacturer to deliver best-in-class audio to market.

DTS, Inc. today announced significant news that it is entering into a partnership with Pantech Co., Ltd., to integrate DTS digital surround audio decoding technology into select models of Pantech smartphones.

The first line of Pantech products to feature DTS technology will launch in Korea in April 2010.

This partnership teams one of Korea’s largest mobile phone manufacturers with the leading audio technology provider for HD entertainment. 

Most importantly, it will further enhance the consumer entertainment experience by matching DTS’ audio technology with Pantech’s mobile products.

“DTS is thrilled to launch our technology into the mobile phone space with Pantech,” said Brian Towne, Executive Vice President and General Manager, DTS, Inc.

“This partnership continues our goal of delivering the best possible entertainment experiences to a global audience on every platform available.”

At launch, Pantech smartphones will include a DTS Legacy decoder (digital surround) with 2-channel analog and 2-channel PCM output through a mini HDMI port. 

This feature will allow users the ability to stream content from their phones to a number of external sources to experience lush DTS sound.

“We believe our customer’s experience will be enhanced by incorporating DTS technology into our smartphones,” said Joon-Woo Lee, Executive Vice President, Pantech. “This partnership marks a meaningful step forward in today’s exciting marketplace.”

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