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The worship sanctuary at Calvary Church in Dover has been outfitted with a new system utilizing a range of DAS Audio ARTEC loudspeakers.

DAS Audio Is The Choice At Calvary Church In Delaware

New system supporting contemporary music and spoken word in Dover incorporates a range of ARTEC series loudspeakers while ARCO series units deliver coverage outside the sanctuary.

The worship sanctuary of Calvary Church in Dover, DE has been equipped with a new sound reinforcement system in support of contemporary music and spoken word that was recently designed and installed by itegrator A2B Media of Pennsylvania that’s headed by DAS Audio loudspeakers.

“The sanctuary itself is pretty wide, and we needed a system that could deliver even coverage and consistent SPL across the entire seating area,” says A2B Media founder Alex Beitzel. “We’ve had great experience with the DAS Audio ARTEC series in particular, and we were confident it was the right system for this space.”

The system offers left and right arrays of seven ARTEC 320 two-way dual 10-inch cabinets per side augmented by four ARTEC 306 cabinets and a pair of ARTEC 326 two-way systems to cover front and side seating. A single DAS Audio ARTEC 310.64 compact two-way cabinet completes the system and helps in assuring consistent coverage throughout the room. Ashly Audio amplification powers the system with Danley DSP providing system drive and processing.

Outside at the church entry, five DAS Audio ARCO 24T compact, weather-resistant two-way systems welcome congregants, and along with four more ARCO 4T systems, they provide music and sermons outside the main sanctuary building.

Calvary Church technical director Osi Emeribenini states that feedback from both parishioners and church staff has been quite positive with respect to the new system:“We’ve had people coming up to us after the service, telling us how great the music sounds, and how they can hear the sermons so much more clearly now. It’s really been a night and day difference.”

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