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Dante Virtual Soundcard Now Available Online

Software solution that turns a PC or Mac into a Dante enabled device, using the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with a network of other Dante enabled devices

Audinate announced that its Dante Virtual Soundcard is now available for online purchase at the company website.

Dante Virtual Soundcard acts like a physical sound card or audio interface, including the ability to play and record audio using any Windows audio application with standard ASIO multichannel audio support, or any Core Audio Mac application. This includes applications such as Cubase, Nuendo and Logic, and additionally for Mac, more general audio applications such as iTunes.

The Dante Virtual Soundcard may be purchased as a 7-day, 30-day, or permanent license which can be downloaded directly from the Audinate website (direct link here). The Dante Virtual Soundcard is a software solution which turns a PC or Mac into a Dante enabled device which uses the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with a network of other Dante enabled devices.

No special hardware is required; the Dante Virtual Soundcard is installed on a conventional PC or laptop. As long as there is another hardware Dante device in a network to act as clock master, the Dante Virtual Soundcard can enable the PC or Mac to be a source or a destination on the network.

The Dante Virtual Sounds offers the ability to record and playback up to 64×64 channels from a standard computer without the need for a hardware soundcard.

“When we first launched the Dante Virtual Soundcard, customers were amazed that they could provide the same level of quality of a hardware sound card, but all in software.’ states John McMahon,” Worldwide VP Sales and Support at Audinate. “Since the Dante Virtual Soundcard is connected by IP over Ethernet, customers have the flexibility associated with networks.’

Dante Virtual Soundcard is available for purchase as a permanent license or for or use as a rental licenses for tours using a weekly or monthly rental. 

The cost of a 7-day license is $6.95 USD, a 30-day license is $14.95 USD and a permanent license is $149.95 USD. Audinate is also offering a one-time “Try It For Free” option that will allow users to try the application for 14 days at no cost.

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