ZYLIA Releases Demo To Demonstrate Its New Surround Sound Recording Technology

Technology designed to allow the recording of sounds from multiple places simultaneously.
ZYLIA Surround Recording

3D audio company ZYLIA has created a new demo intended to demonstrate the possibilities of the technology in the new ZYLIA 6DoF VR/AR set that’s designed to provide the ability to record high-resolution 3rd-order Ambisonics sound from concert halls, ambient soundscapes, and live concerts in a navigable way (video below).

Specifically, the technology is designed to allow the recording of sounds from multiple places simultaneously, which then provides a vast number of possible listening spots around the area. Listeners can move, turn around, tilt their head in any direction, and the sound will change corresponding to the position of their ears.

“We are observing a growing interest in the area of VR and immersive art projects in which the 3D audio built on the smoothness of sound sensations becomes key to the feeling of full immersion. Additionally, a recent global situation further justifies the development of tools supporting virtual reality,” says Tomasz Zernicki, chief technology officer for ZYLIA. “Applications of 6DoF audio and our technology are wide. I can name a few – cinematic trailers for VR projects, naturally sounded audio for games, live performance recording, artistic audio content for domes with multiple loudspeakers installed, and virtual presentation of unique places.”

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