Yorkville Sound Reissues C2891 & C1891 Coliseum Loudpeakers

Low-profile, installation cabinets offer integrated fly points, 90° x 30° rotatable 1-inch horns, included mounting brackets and black or white finishes.

Canadian Pro Audio manufacturer and distributor, Yorkville Sound, announces the re-issue of the C2891 & the C1891 Coliseum loudspeakers. Both models will be available in black & white come with installations brackets.

The C2891 is the lowest profile cabinet in the Coliseum line. The unique cabinet shape makes for tighter arrays and the ability to fly the cabinet much closer to walls and ceilings than conventional design loudspeaker boxes.

This 2 x 8-inch / 1-inch horn, 200-watt loudspeaker is designed for installations where sight lines might be an issue. By design, the C2891 can be flown vertically or horizontally with a rotatable 90° x 30° horn allowing high-frequency dispersion to be tailored to suit cabinet orientation and placement.

Yorkville’s C2891 Coliseum loudspeaker

The 150-watt Coliseum C1891 installation loudspeaker is the ideal cabinet for a variety of commercial audio applications. The 90° x 30° rotatable 1-inch horn allows the cabinet to be oriented vertically or horizontally. Nine flypoints ensure easy rigging. The C1890 has both binding strip and 1/4-inch jack inputs. All-metal U-Bracket is included.

Jeff Cowling, Yorkville Sound’s VP of Sales & Marketing explains the demand for bringing the C2891 & C1891 back to the Coliseum catalog; “Due to the design of the C2891 & C1891 speakers, they are optimum for under balcony mounting and venues with low ceilings. The speakers can just as easily be vertically mounted on poles and columns. With the rigging brackets included, the speakers can be angled with no hassle to suit the needs of the venue. We are certain houses of worship will be especially happy with the look, fidelity and versatility of the C2891 & C1891 speakers.”

The C2891 & C1891 will be on display at the Yorkville Sound InfoComm Booth C-846 in Las Vegas, June 6-8.

Yorkville Sound

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