Yorkville Sound Now Shipping New Parasource Series Active Loudspeakers

Yorkville Sound is now shipping the new Parasource Series of active 2-way loudspeakers that can be utilized for main, fill, and stage monitoring applications.

Parasource loudspeakers are available with a 10-, 12- or 15-inch ceramic woofer, joined by a 38 mm (1-inch exit) compression driver feeding a large conical horn that delivers improved constant directivity and improved midrange response. Transducers are bi-amplified, driven by efficient, high-headroom Class D switch-mode power amplifiers with passive cooling that reduce overall cabinet weight.

Integrated DSP eliminates the need for complex external processing. An integrated 2-channel mini mixer, with controls on the back panel, offers master, mic and line level controls, joined by XLR microphone, 1/4-inch and RCA line inputs. The mixer also includes a 1-button high-pass filter switch that rolls off low-frequency material when the loudspeaker is used with a subwoofer. Activating the dynamic bass boost enhances low-end response without cluttering midrange program or affecting the loudspeaker’s overall intelligibility. 

Multi-band limiting delivers maximum output and very even frequency response while also protecting the components. Further, it ensures essential elements like vocals and solo instruments in the essential midrange band aren’t being modulated by transient attacks of low-frequency material like kick drums and bass tracks.

Parasource Series loudspeakers are manufactured in Canada using the same rugged light-weight, high-impact ABS cabinet construction as the company’s popular Paraline Series. Cabinets are paintable. Integrated, reinforced flypoints mean that the loudspeakers can be flown quickly and easily. Ergonomic handles are provided for easy transport, and cabinets also include integrated metal stand mounts.

Models in the Parasource Series:

PS10P: 10-inch woofer (with 2-inch voice coil), 90 x 70-degree dispersion (conical), 800/1600 watts (program/peak), 23 x 14 x 12 inches (h x w x d), 40 pounds, $1,399 U.S. MSRP

PS12P: 12-inch woofer (with 3-inch voice coil), 85- x 50-degree dispersion (conical), 1400/4400 watts (program/peak), 26.5 x 16.7 x 13.5 (h x w x d), 60 pounds, $1,549 U.S. MSRP

PS15P: 15-inch woofer (with 3-inch voice coil), 85- x 50-degree dispersion (conical), 1400/4400 watts (program/peak), 30.7 x 20.5 x 14.2 inches (h x w x d), 65 pounds, $1,799 U.S. MSRP

Yorkville Sound

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