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Yamaha UC Announces Integration With Intel Unite On Meeting Control

Partnership brings Intel Unite app-enabled meeting control to Yamaha UC's USB audio and video solutions
Yamaha UC products that are compatible with the Intel Unite app.

Yamaha Unified Communications has announced its CS-700 video sound collaboration system and USB speakerphones now integrate with Intel Unite, a customizable wireless collaboration solution designed to enable users to start meetings quickly and securely, and without the need for dongles, adaptors, or cables.

From the Intel Unite app, users can control Yamaha audio and video products for more seamless meetings and enhanced productivity.

“The collaboration spaces are some of the most valuable environments as people increasingly engage with a growing number of remote participants. However, without the appropriate technology to support users and IT staff, productivity and ROI can sink quickly for these rooms. We developed our USB audio and video products to deliver state-of-the-art audio and video performance out of the box, without the frustration, expense, and time spent deploying, operating, and managing disparate devices,” says Phil Marechal, vice president of product management and business development, Yamaha UC. “This partnership integrates the thoughtful and intuitive approach of Intel Unite to meeting management for effortless, enjoyable meetings. This is just the beginning of scaling Yamaha’s capabilities to the future.”

Intel Unite comprises an Intel Core vPro processor-powered hub that communicates with the app for PC, Mac, or tablet devices and a small server component that orchestrates and manages the solution across devices and hubs throughout the network. From the app, users can mute products and control the unit’s volume and camera zoom, right alongside the platform’s other capabilities. The app is available now for all mobile devices and operating systems.

Specifically, the Intel Unite app is compatible with Yamaha’s YVC-1000, YVC-1000MS, YVC-300, YVC-330, YVC-200, and CS-700. The plugin file will be available free here.

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