Yamaha & NEXO Delivering eSDC Online System Designer Conference

Virtual conference this week focused on providing content unique to the ever-changing field of sound and system design.

Yamaha and NEXO are presenting eSDC, a virtual conference for sound system designers, consultants and integrators, kicking off today (Tuesday, January 12) with sessions on Yamaha product design and audio networking, with additional sessions slated through Friday, January 15. Each day will also offer a “Virtual Coffee Topic” Q&A session. (Go here for more information and to register.) Here’s the line-up:

Day 1 Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yamaha Product Design Philosophy
9 am to 10 am U.S. Pacific time
Presented by David Hatmaker and Phil Sanchez
Overview: David Hatmaker of Yamaha Research & Development and Phil Sanchez, also with Yamaha, share design philosophies behind some of the company’s most innovative features. They will discuss the decision-making process that draws from all facets of Yamaha including ergonomics, workflow and component efficiency. Learn how Yamaha golf clubs and pianos impact pro audio product development.
What To Expect: Yamaha design philosophy, story of NEXO loudspeakers, story of CIS loudspeaker design

R&D Virtual Coffee Topic: Device Monitoring Research
11 am to 11:30 am U.S. Pacific time
Hosted by Jeremy Satchell & David Hatmaker
Overview: During this 30-minute free form virtual conversation, the audience will be asked questions on select topics via polls, and they can also utilize the Q&A to keep the conversation going.

Advanced Networking: Digital Audio
Noon to 1 pm U.S. Pacific time
Presented by Joel Howden
Overview: A demystification of networking for audio solutions featuring Yamaha System Engineer Joel Howden. This session examines fears and challenges surrounding the implementation of networking and IT through the discussion of standards, network and bandwidth requirements for existing and the future of audio and video transport.
What to expect: Application example, Dante Domain Manager; application example: UC Integration

Day 2 | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

An Hour with Dan Dugan
9 am to 10 am U.S. Pacific time
Presented by Dan Dugan & Russ Long
Overview: Dan Dugan presents his iconic automixer in a one-hour presentation with host, Russ Long of Yamaha Research Development. Dan will discuss the history of the Dugan Automixer and demonstrate the theories and practices behind the tool found in many Yamaha products.
What to expect: History and theory of the Dugan Automixer as well as a demonstration

R&D Virtual Coffee Topic: Immersive Audio
Hosted by Brian McDonald & Tres Cozad
11 am to 11:30 am U.S. Pacific time

Yamaha And The Pristine Perfection Of The Analog World In The Digital Universe
Noon to 1 pm U.S. Pacific time
Presented by Kevin Kimmel
Overview:  A discussion about the science behind iconic analog devices for use in the digital realm. Hear the story of Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) relationships with prominent equipment manufacturers including Rupert Neve Designs and other elite Yamaha plug-in partners. Yamaha System Application Engineer Kevin Kimmel guides this historical journey and shares interviews with Yamaha designer and engineer Dr. K (Toshifumi Kunimoto).
What to expect: Explanation of VCM technology, introduction of third-party relationships, history and use cases, development stories between Yamaha Corporation Japan and Research & Development

Day 3 | Thursday, January 14, 2021

NEXO: Designing for the Future
9 am to 10 am U.S. Pacific time
Presented by Joseph Carcopino, François Deffarges & Brian McDonald
Overview: A look at NEXO including informative interviews with NEXO R&D Director, Joseph Carcopino, a use case analysis of ID-series loudspeakers with NEXO Engineering Support and Development Strategy Director François Deffarges, and a virtual tour of NEXO’s manufacturing facility in Plailly France.
What to expect: NEXO R&D philosophy and factory tour, ID14 product showcase

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R&D Virtual Coffee: BIM Files and other System Designer Resources
11 am to 11:30 am U.S. Pacific time
Hosted by Brian McDonald

Determining Acoustical Room Augmentation Methods: The Physical And The Digital
Noon to 1 pm U.S. Pacific time
Presented by Joe Rimstidt & Brian McDonald
Overview: Focusing attention on the need for versatility in common and performance spaces, this session is a comparative analysis of physical room augmentation and DSP-based solutions. Yamaha System Design Engineer, Joe Rimstidt, walks us through various acoustic and electronic room augmentation systems including AFC technology from Yamaha.
What to expect: Acoustic room augmentations versus DSP augmentation, practical examples of AFC, new technology in room control

Day 4 | Friday, January 15, 2021

Investment Equations For Sound Systems In Large Arenas
9 am to 10 am U.S. Pacific time
Presented by François Deffarges
Overview: An evaluation of budgeting techniques for large arena sound systems, with NEXO Engineering Support and Development Strategy Director François Deffarges exploring formulas and methodologies to expedite the creation systems specifications.
What to expect: Budgeting for large arenas, simplifying the specifications processes

R&D Virtual Coffee Topic: Active Field Control
11 am to 11:30 am U.S. Pacific time
Hosted by Brian McDonald & Joe Rimstidt

Removing the White Noise From Specification Barriers In Speech Privacy Systems
Noon to 1 pm U.S. Pacific time
Presented by Jim Johnson
Overview:  How often are sound privacy systems bypassed because of annoyance? This session gives system designers tools needed to talk to end-users about sound privacy systems. Representatives from speech privacy dependent fields explain “why they need it.” Learn how to relate speech privacy technologies to end-users for greater specification impact with presenter Jim Johnson, Yamaha System Design Engineer.
What to expect: Application examples of public conference spaces and hospitals, SP Technology background and uniqueness

Go here for more information and to register.


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