Yamaha Commercial Expands MY Series With HD Series Digital Interface Card For Broadcast

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems announced the addition of a new MY series (mini-YGDAI) card to its extensive line of expansion cards with the debut (at NAB 2009) of the MY8-SDI-D De-multiplexer card specifically designed for broadcast applications.

HD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) is a format widely used with HDTV, normally transmitting one channel of uncompressed HDTV video and 16 channels of PCM audio signals (four groups of four channels) along with time code and other related data via a router.

The Yamaha MY8-SDI-D enables the input of HD-SDI embedded audio signals directly to the host Yamaha digital console or DME (Digital Mix Engine). It features one HD-SDI input with one HD-SDI-thru output and can replace the need for conventional converters used to directly feed Yamaha digital mixing products.

The unit has eight selectable channels (two groups of four channels) of the 16 channels of audio in HD-SDI.

“Although the new broadcast format carries both audio and video digital stream on a standard BNC75 ohm cable, up until now, audio could not be extracted without a router,” states Marc Lopez, marketing manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems.

“By using the new MY8 SDI card, 8 channels of embedded audio can be easily extracted and passed through without the need for a router.”

The new Yamaha MY card can synchronize to either video or audio signals, and mode selection is enabled by an eight-way DIP switch as well as a pair of LED status indicators.

As with all MY series cards, the new MY8-SDI card is designed for use in the optional I/O slots of Yamaha’s digital mixers and mix engines and comprises a wide range of four, eight and sixteen input/output options enabling direct interface to EtherSound, CobraNet, AES/EBU, MADI, ADAT, mLAN and other formats.

The new MY8-SDI card is available and carries an MSRP of $3,199.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Website

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