XTA Expands 4 Series Processors With Addition Of DP426 Audio Management Tool

XTA Electronics has announced the latest addition to its successful 4 Series processors – the DP426, a two-input, six-output audio management tool that has been introduced in direct response to demand from customers following the demise of the popular DP226.

XTA Sales and Marketing Director Bill Woods commented, “Our flagship DP448 has been adopted by contractors and touring companies worldwide, as have the DP446, DP444 and DP424. However, we had not really filled the gap left in our range when we discontinued the classic DP226.

“Although companies use the 4 Series for all sorts of applications, it seems that the good old two-in, six-out speaker processor configuration for stereo three-way set ups just won’t go away, hence the addition of the DP426.”

Ideally suited to stereo three-way applications, the DP426 shares exactly the same features as all the other models in the 4 Series, including 28 band graphic EQ and eight bands of fully parametric EQ on the inputs, nine bands of fully parametric EQ on the outputs, crossover filters, which offer various slopes from 6 dB/Octave to 48 dB/Octave, delay, limiting and Audiocore remote control.

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