Xilica Audio Releases V3.01 Software & Firmware Update For X Series Products

Xilica Audio has released version 3.01 of its software providing sophisticated control and monitor for the company’s X Series products, along with an X Series V8.00 firmware update.

XConsole V3.01 update highlights:

– New lock section added in security.
– Login with no password as user and login with password as master. (Works both in the hardware and software.) 
– Both the “Link” and “Copy” menu structure are now the same
– Saving of the communication and link settings in “Configuration”
– Screen resolution has been brought down to accommodate smaller screens
– Shortcut in communication setup to the device manager and command prompt. Makes the initial communication setup much quicker.
– Separate box with big, calibrated VU meters/
– Both PEQ and GEQ have a “reset to flat” button
– Input and output names copy to all the other boxes, providing users with a better overview and added intuitive value.
– XPanel V2 Program and Upgrade software now intergraded into XConsole.

X Series Firmware V8.00 highlights:
– Removed SET Password in system menu.
– Power up will automatically lock the unit if there is a password.
– Added System Info in the system menu.
– Preset Recall and Preset Store are lock/unlock independent of the System Menu.
– When a menu is locked, it is hidden instead.
– Removed Config in system menu.

The software is available in the download section of the Xilica Audio website. (Direct link here)


Xilica Audio Website

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