Xantech Introduces Web Designer 3.0 Software

Xantech, a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution, has introduced its Web Designer 3.0 software.

The new “drag and drop” software allows contractors and system integrators to design their own custom web control pages that can be stored and served up from within Xantech’s WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller and then exported remotely to any network/web-based control device, like Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4-inch Wireless Touch Controller.

Additionally, because the WIC1200 is a network/web-based control device, the custom design web control pages can easily be used on any web-enabled device/tablet, including the popular Apple iPad.

Last year Xantech introduced the CWTC10, which gave contractors and system integrators a Wi-Fi tablet interface that harnessed all the power within the WIC1200. The launch of the new Web Designer 3.0 software expands on the WIC1200’s functionality, as it easily allows the contractor or system integrator to create stunning web pages that can further tailor the clients’ tablet interface for their specific needs.

“For the first time, the integrator can custom-design the display of the interface and add the additional functions the client is requesting,” stated Rick Seegull, Xantech Director of Business Development. “The best part is, because it is drag and drop, our Web Designer software is extremely easy to use, and once the web control page has been designed, it can then be uploaded to the customer’s location remotely.”

The WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller is a stand-alone room controller for networked/web-based control featuring two IR Ports, two Serial ports, two Contact Closure ports and two Digital I/O ports as well as two Ethernet ports (one with POE) for TCP/IP Telnet control with less intrusion into facility IP networks.

On its own, the Web Intelligent Controller is an Event-driven component capable of Timed Events, Calendar Events, Telnet and Serial Events and features a full FTP site, Web server and email server. With its built-in Web server, the WIC1200 is totally iPad-ready without the need for purchasing, installing or setting-up an “app.”

When interfaced with Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4” WiFi touchpanel or XTR39 Wireless RF Remote (or Apple’s iPad), the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller can send messages back to the touchpanel, allowing for text display, numeric display, volume and indicator bars, ON/OFF indicators and more, for full real-time data display.

Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4” WiFi touch panel is the logical addition to the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller. Rounding out the system, the CWTC10 provides a full 10.4” wireless control panel perfect for any Conference Room application. Running Windows CE in Kiosk mode, the CWTC10 provides full PC power with a large full-color vibrant control panel interface.

When used with (but not limited to) Xantech’s WIC1200 Intelligent Controller, the CWTC10 is the perfect user interface for controlling A/V Teleconferencing systems with a large but not overbearing easy-to-use 10.4” display.

Since it runs on Windows CE and is fully Web capable, the CWTC10 is an ideal platform for utilizing any Macromedia Flash Web-enabled control page, which can be served using the WIC1200 or any Web server on the network. Made of durable water resistant plastic, the CWTC10 has a built-in kickstand.

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