Woodlawn Baptist Church Upgrades With WorxAudio

WorxAudio TrueLine all-in-one line array provides pristine sound quality and broad horizontal dispersion.


Woodlawn Baptist Church,located in Baton Rouge, LA, recently installed a new sound reinforcement system featuring a WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine line array.

Technical Services Group (TSG), a design/build firm also located in Baton Rouge, was contracted to design and install Woodlawn Baptist Church’s new sound system.

After meeting with church management to ascertain their expectations, the TSG team ultimately deployed a WorxAudio TrueLine X5i-BA biamped all-in-one line array that was augmented in the low frequency range by the inclusion of a WorxAudio X115i extended bass subwoofer.

“Woodlawn Baptist Church’s services are a blend of traditional and contemporary elements,” explains Scott Richard, TSG’s system designer. “Much of the music is provided by a praise band and vocal team, so the ability of the new sound system to accurately reproduce music was considered extremely important.

“The sanctuary itself measures 60 feet square with a balcony on the opposite wall from the stage / pulpit area. There is fixed seating, carpeted flooring, and a steeple-type ceiling that measures 40 feet at its peak. The vocal team resides behind the Pastor on stage.”

“It reached a point where the old system was so unusable, they began using a portable PA,” adds Patrick Meek, TSG’s VP of sales and marketing “The room suffered from inconsistent coverage and it would routinely feedback before reaching a suitable volume that would enable the congregation to hear.

“In addition to the new system’s music reproduction characteristics, a high level of speech intelligibility was equally important, as was a clear line of sight to the stage area. This is precisely why we decided to deploy a single, central loudspeaker system—and the WorxAudio X5i-BA was the perfect choice.”

The WorxAudio X5i-BA is a two-way, high efficiency line array loudspeaker that integrates five modules into a single, compact enclosure incorporating five high frequency drivers and ten 8-inch cone transducers.

The biamped version of the enclosure is powered by WorxAudio’s PXD2580 amplifier with its dual channel, 2500 watt by 800 watt power amp and its integrated DSP-X5 signal processor.

The TSG installation team flew this loudspeaker system over the front center area of the stage with the WorxAudio X115i subwoofer residing at the top of the cluster.

When asked about the choice of passive systems (external amplification) as opposed to active models with integrated power, Richard notes this was a matter of preference on the church’s part—primarily out of concern for easy serviceability should it ever be required.

“The dispersion of this loudspeaker system is 160 degrees horizontal by 40 degrees vertical, and this provided just the right amount of coverage throughout the room without being overbearing—either audibly or visually,” Richards explains. “The system presents a clean, uncluttered appearance while delivering both the speech intelligibility and music characteristics that our client deemed so essential.

“With the inclusion of the X115i subwoofer driven by WorxAudio’s PXD8080 amplifier, the end result is a clean, clear, natural sounding loudspeaker system with a rich, full bottom end.”

Both Meek and Richard were very complimentary of WorxAudio’s customer and technical support services throughout the duration of the project.

“Chris (Rachal) and Ezra (Kelly) were great to deal with,” Richard reports. “When we had questions, they were very responsive and they also assisted us by modelling the loudspeaker setup using EASE Focus. They had our backs every step of the way.”

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“Our customer is very happy,” Meek concludes. “They are excited about having a system that meets the requirements of the room. Speech intelligibility is excellent, music sounds big and full, and the entire setup is very streamlined so as not to be visually distracting.

“With the assistance of WorxAudio Technologies, our company has yet another successful project under its belt.”