Wohler Presents AMP2-16V Audio/Video Processing Monitor At InfoComm

A modular audio mixer and router with a suite of onboard tools.

At InfoComm 2010 Wohler will feature the new AMP2-16V Series 16-channel audio/video processing monitor.

A modular SDI-centric audio mixer and router with a suite of tools for managing signal level, loudness, Dolby program streams, transmission chain audio insertion, and emergency troubleshooting, the AMP2-16V series is a flexible 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio/video monitor.

The right-hand screen is “Audio Central” with simultaneous color- and scale-adjustable metering of up to 16 channels of audio from a choice of input and output cards including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES, and analog.

Channel clustering lets you group and label meters, and specify loudness level contributors.

The classleading routing and mixing facilities let you connect nearly any installed input to any output, using your monitor mix or an entirely separate configuration.

Also on display is variable-timescale loudness metering and selected metadata.

In addition to the same user-interface and help system as before, front-panel hotkeys can now be assigned to not only solo or mute groups of channels and recall system-wide presets, but also to activate Dolby Zoom on a target source or instantly apply a saved mix setup.



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