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Wisycom Unveiling New MPR50-IFB True Diversity Wireless Receiver

Offers wideband tuning up to 232 MHz, multi-companding processing, and a custom headphone amplifier.

At NAB 2019 in Las Vegas, Wisycom is unveiling the new MPR50-IFB, a compact beltpack-style true diversity wireless receiver for IFB applications with stated wideband tuning up to 232 MHz, multi-companding processing via the company’s proprietary ENR or ENC algorithm, and a custom headphone amplifier designed to maximize headroom to a peak of +23 dB.

“The precise handling afforded by the MPR50-IFB’s multi-companding process provides directors and talent crews with an expanded audio signal and separate release/attack,” says Massimo Polo, sales & marketing director, Wisycom. “Additionally, its software-selectable narrowband FM-IFB modulation enhances noise immunity and coverage zones. Best of all, the MPR-IFB can be used as a listen device from any Wisycom MTP bodypack transmitters make it ideal for any on-location film or reality production.”

The unit, which operates at 470 to 798 MHz, includes dedicated function buttons and an easy-to-read OLED display, along with transmission and receiver sync functionality. It also offers automatic receiver programming via the integrated Rx Manager application, micro-USB cables or an optional Wisycom UPKmini Infrared Programming Kit.

The MPR50-IFB is available with several disposable and reusable battery configurations, such as two AA NiMH or Alkaline, C3-VS, KLIC 8000 or CR-V3R lithium. It also includes on-board charging via an integrated micro-USB-B connector.


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