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Language Barrier: When It Comes To Audio, Being Bilingual May Not Be Quite Enough

Collaborated by Vanessa Montilla

It’s possible you’ve taken several language courses, but nothing prepares you to work day-to-day as a sound engineer if you’re on tour in a country where a language other than your native language is spoken. It’s likely that no matter how many courses you take, you’ll not be taught how to “comb the wires” (slang for ¨untangle the wires¨ in Spanish), and many words of technical and even everyday jargon in our business.

That’s why I’ve decided to put together the following small glossary of objects commonly used in audio with both English and Spanish names. I hope it’s useful for you and that we can also complete it in different languages. (Thanks very much to Vanessa Montilla for her collaboration on this project.)


Español: XLR / Cannon
English: XLR English
Españo: Pasacables
English: Yellow Jackets
Español: Cable de puente o extensión
English: PowerCon Jumper
Español: Cable blindado o apantallado
English: Shielded Cable
Español: Plug desbalanceado, Jack
English: TS, Unbalanced 1/4 inch
Español: Plug balanceado, Jack
English: TRS, Balanced 1/4 inch


Español: Multipin de 12
English: W1 (12)
Español: Multipin de 16
English: W2 (16-20)
Español: Multipin de 56
English: W4 (56)
Español: Socapex
English: Socapex/ Soco
Español: Speakon
English: NL4
Español: Speakon
English: NL8


Español: Consola / Mesa
English: Mixer/Board
Español: Audifonos/Cascos
English: Headphones
Español: Audiofonos
English: In-Ears
Español: Belt-Pack
English: Belt-Pack
Español: Parlante / Monitor / Corneta
English: Speaker/Monitor
Español: Monitor de piso
English: Wedge/Monitor
Español: Micrófono Inalámbrico
English: Handheld Mic
Español: Caja directa
English: DI Box
Español: Paral / Atril
English: Mic Stand
Español: Brazo
English: Boom
Español: Caña
English: Boom
Español: Cuello de ganzo
English: Gooseneck
Español: Balita
English: Lavalier
Español: Intercom
English: Com
Español: Auricular / Inalámbrico
English: Headset
Español: Pinza
English: Mic Clip
Español: Cartuchera / Estuche
English: Pouch/Bag
Español: Adaptador de paral
English: Quick Release

Electricidad / Electrics

Español: Cable de corriente/ Cable de alimentación
English: Power Cord (90 IEC)
Español: Regleta / Multicontacto
English: Power Strip
Español: Enchufe / Toma corriente
English: Outlet
Español: Jabalina/ toma de tierra
English: Electrical Grounding

Herramientas / Tools / Gadgets

Español: Pinza / Alicate
English: Pliers
Español: Destornillador eléctrico
English: Screw Gun
Español: Destornillador / Desarmador
English: Screwdriver
Español: Tester / Multímetro
English: Tester/Multi Meter
Español: Arandela
English: Rack Screw/Washer
Español: Tuerca
English: Locknut
Español: Probador de cables
English: Sniffer/Sender
Español: Pasta para soldar
English: Solder Paste
Español: Cautin / Soldador
English: Soldering Iron

Artículos de oficina / Office Supplies

Español: Teipe
English: Electrical Tape
Español: Tirro
English: Gaff Tape
Español: Marcador permanente
English: Sharpie
Español: Teipe de fricción
Grip/Friction Tape
Español: Cierre mágico
English: Velcro
Español: Tirrap / cinta de amarre
English: Tie-Wraps
Español: Cinta adhesiva / Cinta plástica
English: Scotch Tape
Español: Cinta de embalar
English: Strapping Tape
Español: Etiquetador
English: P-Touch

Acciones / Actions

Español: Ingeniero de sala / Centro de sala
Front of House (FOH)
Español: Organizar/ Peinar cables
English: To Loom Cables
Español: Organizar/ Peinar cables
English: To Loom Cables

Instrumentos musicales / Musical Instruments

Español: Púa / uñeta
Español: Bombo
Kick Drum
Español: Caja / Tarola / Redoblante
Snare Drum
Español: Entrada de Jack
Pick Up
Español: Clavijera
Head Stock
Español: Clavijera
English: Upright Bass

Medidas / Mesurements

1.5 meters5 feet
3 meters10 feet
7.6 meters25 feet
15 meters50 feet
30 meters100 feet
50 meters165 feet
100 meters330 feet

This article is courtesy of SoundGirls.

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