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Alcons LR24 line arrays in the air and BC543 subwoofers on the ground for the main stage at the Waves Open Air Festival 2022 in Hannover.

Waves Open Air Festival In Germany Exceeds Expectations With Alcons Audio

House and techno event held near Hannover and attended by more than 3,000 supported by LR24 pro-ribbon line arrays and BC543 cardioid subwoofers driven by Sentinel 10 amplified controllers.

The Waves Open Air Festival 2022, held recently in the Wedemark water park near Hannover, Germany and featuring house and techno artists, was supported by a main stage sound reinforcement system headed by Alcons Audio pro-ribbon loudspeakers supplied by Toto Eikemeier of production company Eikemeier Eventsystem.

The event attracted more than 3,000 visitors for performances by top DJs such as Ben Klock, RØDHÅD, VRIL, Nene H, and Arman John. Eikemeier brought in Alcons Ribbon Network partner Uwe Biesgen of Creativsound, who’s been working with the company’s systems since 2004, for array calculations, system tuning and measurements.

The system comprised 20 LR24 mid-size line arrays, with eight LR24/90 and two LR24/120 per side. The low end was reinforced with a bass array consisting of a dozen BC543 triple 18-inch cardioid subwoofers, with the array calculated to deliver even distribution. All loudspeakers were powered by a Alcons Sentinel 10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

“Last year, I heard the system for the first time and it was more than I expected,” says front of house engineer Philip Sterrenberg. “It is great to work with. The sound is just clean and crispy, the rearward attenuation is just great. I know the system to be absolutely stunning, especially the cardioid construction type is perfect to play at techno events, because there are no problems with the turntables. Normally, it is hard to make sure the needle is not bouncing, but with the Alcons system it is no problem at all! Also the village right behind the festival had no problem at all with the sound. The rearward attenuation worked perfect as always with Alcons.”

Meanwhile, the stage monitor system incorporated two VR12 mid-size pro-ribbon monitors joined by dual BF151mkII compact subwoofers. Sterrenberg: “Some gave me the feedback that the sound was really good even as they turned the volume up as far as they wanted. They really enjoyed to play on a good system. Their references are clubs and other festivals around Hannover, where they played. At the festival last year we had the same system just smaller — and without a line array. That was fine for 700 visitors max. But this year I was very happy we had a line-array, because the number of visitors was around 3,000. The sound was absolutely clear and brilliant even around 80 meters away from the stage.”

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