Waves Audio Now Shipping WavesLive MultiRack Native Software Host

Waves Audio is now shipping WavesLive MultiRack Native, the first-ever software application designed to run Waves plug-ins with live analog and digital mixing consoles.

MultiRack Native is a software host that lets front of house and monitor engineers run multiple simultaneous instances of the same Native Waves plug-ins used in recording studios and mixing rooms the world over.

Armed only with a laptop, an I/O box, MultiRack Native and Waves plug-ins, users now have the power to shape their live sound with precision while elliminating effects units.

WavesLive MultiRack Native features easy setup with advanced preset capabilities and an intuitive workflow which facilitates a smooth transition from traditional hardware-based systems to the live digital realm.

There are four basic components in a MultiRack Native setup:
—Plug-ins, which process the audio, including compressors, EQs, delays, etc.;
—Racks (Virtual Racks, like hardware, hold multiple Waves plug-in processors);
—Snapshots (already familiar to some users as “scenes”), that store plug-in and Rack settings;
—Sessions, which store the settings for all Waves plug-ins, Racks, and Snapshots, as well as information about the setup design and signal flow. Users can create up to 64 racks that host up to eight plug-ins each.

WavesLive MultiRack Native key features include:
—Allows users to take their studio sound to the stage and back again
—Complements hardware outboard gear
—Quick and simple setup
—A fraction of the cost of hardware
—Reduces the need for cartage of heavy rack-mounted devices
—Simple routing with less cabling
—Full snapshot automation with total recall — set and save presets and snapshots per song and song sections
—ASIO and Core Audio I/O compatible
—Windows 7 and Mac OS X compatible

WavesLive MultiRack Native is now available from authorized Waves dealers and online.



WavesLive Website

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