Waves Audio Now Shipping New Lil Tube Plugin

First offering from company's Magma series of custom-shop plugins designed to help users make tracks sound "bigger" via analog saturation.
The user interface of the new Waves Lil Tube plugin

Waves Audio has announced the launch of the new Magma series of custom-shop plugins, with the first product, the Waves Lil Tube analog saturation plugin, now shipping. .

Lil Tube is designed to help users make tracks sound “bigger,” with tube fatness, texture and saturation similar to a vintage analog tube console. The plugin is also designed to be simple to use and light on CPU.

In the days analog consoles in the studio, running each track in a production through channels on a desk helped craft a more natural “rough mix” with added roundness and fullness, and Lil Tube is designed to offer this experience in any DAW. Pushing the Drive Knob on the parts such as lead vocals is intended to help push the tracks “closer” to the listener.

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